Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Nosebleed Girl comic!

Okay. I really don't want Nosebleed Girl to wear out her welcome in two days, so I'll give her a rest for awhile. I just like this because it reminds me of the sick little cartoons I used to draw in fifth or sixth grade. I gave a whole grocery sack full of drawings to this girl I liked and she got in trouble for bringing them home to show to her very religious parents. Yes, I was pissing off Christians even back then. Oh well.


Indigo said...

I think you and I grew up in the same house. I was pissing off the religious bigots in my home early on too. (Hugs)Indigo

Chris said...

I take it that's a "yes" ?

Debra said..., it's all coming back to me now...whenever i spent the night at my friend's house as a teen, my nose would bleed copious amounts and scare the shit out of everyone. her father told his family that i was a coke~head...oh yeah, out'ed by my bloody nose. grins, debra

Paula said...

Where is your pear hiding out?

Big Mark 243 said...

I think that it was cool that you were able to give a little girl some of your drawings. Did she like them? That is what I wonder.

I used to give out poems. It was less than good of a experience. I could not write 'for' anyone I don't think... I may write something inspired by someone that is totally my story, but of and for... I have seemingly lost that ability.

Yeah... I wonder if she liked any of your artwork..?