Saturday, November 29, 2008

She's a Beauty


Yes. We got our first snow of the season here in Hooterville. It was pretty and didn't really stick once it hit the ground, but it drove home the fact that Winter has arrived, and along with it -- this ghastly season of mirth. I hate Christmas so much that I've decided to skip it all together this year. I'm just going to ignore it and pretend it's been cancelled this year.


As many complaints as I had about AOL and their haphazard handling of AOL Journals, I must confess that I miss my old blog. This Blogger shit just isn't working for me. I've lost contact with people I used to check in with weekly. I've been toying with the idea of just abandoning my blog life altogether. But then what would I do with all these toons that are piling up?


We got a new toilet here at my address! It was installed over the course of two days by Argentinian plumbers who did not speak a word of English. Lumpy spoke to them while I sat on the floor with a muzzled German Shepherd. Bongo is old and cranky and wants to bite any and all strangers -- so I comforted him while watching old movies on TCM. Ask me if I was in the mood for turkey during this holiday break. Go ahead. Ask.


That's the name of probably the worst movie Joan Crawford ever made. During the plumbing episodes I watched it. I'd love to talk to some old-timer who actually paid to see it in a theater way back in 1954. I once asked my mom if she remembered anything about Ms. Crawford and she replied: "All I remember is that she made a LOT of bad movies". "Queen Bee" was truly terrible. No wonder Joan beat her kids.


The cartoons I'm including in this post are archival and one of them is slightly new. I barely know what I'm doing here on this blogger place, so I'm throwing everything against the wall -- so to speak.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

a little twisted

I'm posting part of a mini comic book I made way back in 1991 for my friend 'K'. Before I had a blog or a scanner, I used to put all my crazy scribblings into some sort of book form and give them to K. She's my great friend from highschool who has saved my life a few times. More importantly -- she "got" me and understood my sense of humor.

Amyway...I made a comic book about a retarded boy and a toy truck. It was, more or less, a parody of the storybooks and cartoons we grew up with back in the 1970's. The story got very perverted and extremely x-rated in parts and ultimately involved Bugs Bunny and the 'Facts of Life' cast. (You seriously don't want to know the details)

I'm sharing it here now because I can bypass ImageShack and because I have that "content warning" feature.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

old sketchbooks

One of these days I'm going to build a bonfire in my backyard and throw in all the old journals, notebooks and sketchbooks I've got cluttering my little home office.

The old sketchbooks are maddening to revisit because for every page with a drawing -- there are ten (or more) pages of partial doodles that I gave up on before moving on. I imagine real artists' sketchbooks are filled with fascinating drawings with no such gaps. And when those artists die, nobody later looks at these books and finds a bunch of pages with nothing more than a nose or a scribbled-out rabbit.

When I was very young, my mom used to get mad at me for wasting paper because I'd only put a few lines on a page before tossing it. If those first few lines weren't perfect -- what was the point of continuing?? I'm too old to change. And I can't ever apologize enough to the trees who died providing me with the paper I've wasted.

This posted doodle came from a very ancient sketchbook of mine. It's probably from my senior year of college.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I won't lie...I'm extremely happy that McFail and his idiot pick for vp lost. My greatest pleasure comes from knowing that a puppet of the religious right-wing won't have a say in who gets nominated into the Supreme Court next.

Congratulations, President-Elect Obama!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

some stuff

I've been hearing that most of my old J-land pals aren't getting alerts for this new blog because of the "content warning " deal. SIGH

"Across the Universe"

I can't hardly keep up with new bands and new songs anymore -- so I really had no interest in seeing a movie musical that featured young actors singing a bunch of musty old Beatles' songs. BUT. But, somehow, I caught this movie on cable and was really enchanted with it. I lost some interest when Bono showed up as a drugged-up messiah, but generally loved the film. I recommend it if you have the STARZ channels or a Netflix account. It's sort of intersting how so many of the classic Beatles songs sound better and more natural when sung by women. Hmmm.


My old widowed father continues to be in good spirits. He keeps busy making peppernuts (a spicy, hard little cookie enjoyed here in the midwest) at the local senior center, and taking care of unexpected litters of October kittens. When I mentioned how odd it is for cats to give birth this late in the year, he said "None of them have any sense".

the election

A good place to check polls and projections is 538. I pretty much can't wait until this all over. GOBAMA!!!!