Saturday, January 30, 2010

Patty Perch

One of my hobbies is collecting odd screen names. I'll see one and write it down in my little notepad and think about the name and wonder if I'll ever use it in a cartoon or a story. (One of my favorites of all time is 'ButterGoddess69'). I saw 'Patty Perch' in casino room a few months ago and forgot about her. Last night I ran across the name in one of my paper piles and drew her immediately. I don't imagine she's very happy and I'm betting she owns at least two cats. Call it a hunch.

Friday, January 29, 2010

a beloved classic

Little Women by Louisa May Something

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my retirement plans

I'm taking some 'personal time off' this week and I love it! I can't even describe how much I love being all alone with no work and no time commitments and no responsibilities beyond pet care. It's made me think how great retirement will be. As a smoker, I won't have too many years between the gold watch and big sleep -- so I have to plan that precious time carefully. And I want it to be just like this....but in a warmer climate and with nitrous oxide.
I've had some major dental work done in the past few months and was lucky enough to find a 'sedation dentist' who works on people with severe dental anxieties and he drugs his patients to the point where they don't give a damn what's happening inside their mouths for a few hours. I take a valium before every appointment and on the day I was to have a wisdom tooth extracted I was given these very expensive pills that made me have no memory of the next 24 hours. If anybody knows a street source for Diazepam and Triazolam, let me know. Just kidding. I'm not kidding. Call me
Unfortunately, these drugs are very expensive and insurance won't cover them. So when I had go in for a root canal and a filling and a few crowns I could only afford the valium and the nitrous oxide (laughing gas). GOD I LOVE THAT MAGIC AIR! The very sweet assistant offered me headphones and asked me what kind of music I liked. When I said "alternative" she came back with Rolling Stones. Okay. We settled on an Oasis greatest hits CD and it was a nice soundtrack for my trip to the clouds while my head felt like the Bullwinkle ballon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Each note was magical and perfect. That disc replayed four or five times while all the tooth nastiness was fixed by my rockstar dentist. At one point I was in love with him...and his assistant...and everyone in the world including plants and rocks. Those three hours passed way too fast.
So my retirement plans are to live in the desert Southwest in a little house with a dentist's chair and a few hundred tanks of NO2. I'll spend my remaining days floating and loving the world while Oasis serenades me. Some people want to travel or write a novel in their golden years -- only because they've never tried being a Bullwinkle balloon.
PS I should stress here that dental care is important. I didn't go in for so much as a checkup in fifteen years and am being financially drained for my negligence. Brush for a least two minutes each time, floss and use a fluoride rinse regularly. And if it's too late for that , google 'sedation dentistry' in your area.
drawings are from an old notebook and were probably done during a long meeting or something.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I can't draw everything

I thought a more appropriate image to post was one of a burning bridge, but that's beyond my artistic skills. If it's not goofy and loose, I can't render it with ink.
And, actually, a burning bridge isn't even what I'd need here to communicate my regret and guilt about the lapsed connections and friendships I'm facing now that I've decided to return to blogging. It's a bridge that's neglected and rotted and would never pass inspection. It's more like a bunch of bridges that have fallen into disrepair. I'll just say "I'm sorry." and carry on.
I'm taking some 'personal time' this whole week and I really love setting my own hours -- which tend toward the owl variety. I'm drawing and drinking beer and reading and watching crap on cable like "Teen Mom" and "Deal or No Deal".
ps. I'm currently reading a book that several people have prodded me to read: The Poisonwood Bible. I really love it so far. It's one of those novels that make me wish I was a better writer. It's that good.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Checking in

The missing demon is just checking in to poke around and see if my scanner still works and if I still know how to use it. Check and check.
Sorry I've been missing so long. I'm fine -- just overwhelmed most of the time with work and life and other interests. How's that for a lame excuse??
PS I was trying to write the word 'overwhelm' yesterday and couldn't remember how it was spelled. Getting old really, really sucks.