Saturday, January 30, 2010

Patty Perch

One of my hobbies is collecting odd screen names. I'll see one and write it down in my little notepad and think about the name and wonder if I'll ever use it in a cartoon or a story. (One of my favorites of all time is 'ButterGoddess69'). I saw 'Patty Perch' in casino room a few months ago and forgot about her. Last night I ran across the name in one of my paper piles and drew her immediately. I don't imagine she's very happy and I'm betting she owns at least two cats. Call it a hunch.


Chris said...

With a name like that, maybe she's a fish?

Debra said...

as soon as i saw the sketch, i thought, "omg, it's tony, in drag!" tony was a chinless brainiACK i went to school with who later served time for operating a drug~lab out of his parents' basement. maybe he wasn't such a brainiACK after all.

there is something fishy here, grins, debra