Thursday, October 30, 2008

voting early

Kansas is a pretty horrible state to live in, but at least we have the option of "early voting" here. It's a pretty attractive option if you're all stressed about long lines on election day (which I was). I worked at home today just I could go cast my vote before next Tuesday -- and I took The Lump with me because he'd finally registered.

I'd heard that early voting was attracting huge crowds, but I had no idea how huge! I'm not sure which political party is turning out in a greater number. Maybe it's the Democrats who are excited about a new candidate promising change...or maybe it's the McCain supporters who are determined to see their guy pull off an upset despite an electoral map that says he is doomed. I honestly couldn't tell by looking at the hundred or so people in line.

The line was intimidating, but it moved quickly and the people-watching was fun. I felt sorry for the really old people who were obviously not used to standing so long and the women with toddlers who could not keep them from wandering off toward those enticing mall fountains.

Here's a heads-up for people who've never voted before: You CANNOT wear shirts, caps, pins or anything else with a candidates name, picture or logo on them. The woman in front of me had to take off her Obama sweatshirt before entering the balloting room. We were not asked for I.D., but that varies from state to state. Be nice to the poll volunteers -- they are mostly retired people who are doing this for free.

It took a little over an hour to complete the process, but the line was much longer as we left. Just make a commitment to do whatever it takes -- however long it takes -- to cast your vote. This election is too important to sit out!


Rose said...

I voted with an absentee ballot so I didn't even have to stand in line.

Glad to see you over here. I do miss AOL Journals. It takes some getting used to here at Blogger but most AOL Journal people are now here so it will feel like home.

Hugs, Rose

Estela said...

I'm voting on Tues. Hoping the lines won't be too bad, I usually go first thing. We have to show ID at our polling location. :)

Kath said...

Living in England Russ these queues obviously won't affect me but I do hope the right man gets voted for and people think seriously about there casting vote.It's terribly important to your country.Catch up with you in after my weeks holiday YES i'm tripping off again the Jet Setter as you once said LOL!!God Bless Kath

Lisa said...

So then it is over & done for you, lucky you. We don't have early voting here or at least that I know of so I will be going next week.

There was a huge turnout for the primaries in our community. When I arrived there were about 10 people there (that would be almost half the population LOL) so I am expecting to see at least that many on Tuesday. At least it doesn't take long to vote around here.

IndigoSunMoon said...

I wish I had voted absentee, but i waited too late.
Alabama doesn't have early voting, so it's going to be a madhouse on Tuesday. But dammnit I'm voting no matter how long it takes!!!

Big Mark 243 said...

This is strange ... I am listed as a follower, but I have missed several of your entries. But it could be me, I am not always up on the new postings.

Good that you voted. Surprising that there was such a large crowd. Wonder what it is going to be like on Tuesday. We don't have early voting, and I didn't feel like telling a lie to get an absentee ballot. I would have had to really go somewhere if I had!

Kathy said...

I waited in line for around 2 hours the other day to vote.

I got the alert for your old journal but clicked on the link and the journal was gone. So sad to see all those great journals gone.

Magogo's Musings, too said...

I'll stand in my line Tuesday, for however long it takes. God(dess) help us id the red states win again, literally-we will need her help!
Love, Margo

Rachel said...

I'll be there on Tuesday. This town is so small that I don't expect to wait long at all, and I'll go as soon as they open.

Dawn said...

Any citizen of this great country should get out there and vote. It is the only control we get.

ABout the supervised mayhem, it really was fun! The kids had a fun squirting each other and throwing tp, and no one was hurt or picked on, or anything! One big party! It was a great idea!

be well....

BnTsMama said...

I am voting early Tuesday. I live in a smallish area so hopefully the wait won't be too bad. From looking at the state might actually be blue this time around. YAY!!!


Kathy said...

Oh, you are so right. It's important for all of us to vote in this election. Let's get things moving in the right direction again.

JACKIE said...

Thank heaven for Oregon's vote by mail. Nobody cares what we wear when we fill out our ballots 'cause nobody can see me but mom and the cats. LOL

Beth said...

I'm sorry I haven't been by before. I'm "following" you, but with your adult content warning, I don't get updates on Google Reader. I'll be sure to check by periodically. I see that Mark also mentioned that he's not getting updates, so I think it's the adult content warning.

Ken and I voted last Monday (we're in Indiana). Waited maybe 15 minutes, but I'm hearing from friend and relatives who went and voted today (the Saturday before the election) that lines were 30-60 minutes long. But as Sean Combs said, "Ain't no line too damn long!"

Early voting turnouts are huge, and I can only think that this bodes well for Obama. (fingers crossed)

All my best,

sim warford said...

We don't have early voting in MO, yet--and I didn't think to have Doug get an absentee ballot; but he'll go vote, anyway. They've moved our polling place from the firehouse to a church--much larger venue, and still on our way to work or into the main part of town. We were Hillarites; now, we're Obamites. OBAMANATION!
On that subject (sort of),I read a letter to the editor in our local rag; the writer stated, "I only find out if the candidate is pro-choice or Pro-Life (paraphrased, except for capitalization). I've always been a staunch believer that voting is the right of every citizen, no matter what; but if that's all someone's looking at, I think it's a terrible shame that they (and the thousands/millions of other's of the same mind set) are even aware there is an election.
Forgive my negativity, but at least in the midwest, freedom really doesn't reign. Ignorance does.

Pamela said...

Catching up with you here. I didn't have a line on election day. Was in and out in about 10 minutes because I did not get to vote until 7:45pm. By 8:12 they announced the winner. Sheesh...I felt like I wasted my time!
Hope you're doing good this weekend.
Love, Pam