Tuesday, December 14, 2010

doodle diary 12/14


Anonymous said...

How much sound? Too much! There doesn't seem to be a quiet spot left on this planet.
Pretty blue doodles. -Cin

Anonymous said...

1820=extant trousers.

Paula said...

I think my Mama knitted the rug in the middle. Maybe not.

Debra said...

i'm guessing that at some point someone either said, "let's all get on one page" or they said something like, "we need all this on one page".

remisque=repeated mystical occurancere

Big Mark 243 said...

Since Mary has thoughtfully provide an answer... I will enter that as the significance of '1820'

Chris said...

How much sound?

Spinal Tap said, "eleven".

I say, "1820".