Wednesday, August 25, 2010

doodle diary 8/25


Anonymous said...

I am emotionally perishable. How'd you know?
Humans & apes(99.5% of the same dna, so what is really the difference? oh, yeah, apes are more civil than humans) have extra large customized neurons(spindle cells)in the frontoinsular cortex that help control emotions. Mine are spotty. I have many stoic moments, then I cry reading a Hallmark card. Go figure.

Paula said...

I couldn't top Mary's comment.

Anonymous said...

I'm most emotionally perishable when forced to go grocery shopping, so you really hit it on the head this time. When is Hallmark going to come out with an "unemployment sympathy" line of cards..."Sorry to hear about your 'down-sizing'"
I think they'd sell. -Cin
My word is avablo. As in Go ahead...Avablo.

Debra said...

russ, you doodle~dude, you inspire me to doodle more. grins, debra