Wednesday, June 23, 2010

doodle diary 6/23

from an interview with cartoonist/novelist Lynda Barry:

"What I teach with the book and the course," she tells me, "is a physical activity, which is doodling when you're not writing, which itself should induce a state of mind. Which is getting yourself to the place you are when someone tells a joke. You're open, right? It's the place you go when your body's asleep and you can feel the dream starting to come on. I try and get calm so the ideas don't go away. I let it come slowly. Then as the ideas come I write slower. Which may sound counterintuitive! But you don't have to catch ideas. They're like the ocean around you."


Anonymous said...

I may be guilty of trying to catch ideas. I'll try her way next.

Anonymous said...

FSM! Behold His noodly goodness.
(Love Lynda B and glad you introduced me to her.)

mrs. miss alaineus said...

i was just writing about the fsm somewhere else, mostly complaining on why meatballs cant fall from the sky like hail!


mrs. miss alaineus said...

oh in other humor my word verification was letato

is that french for potato?


Debra said...

at first i was all like, dude, that fridge is whacked what with its wood~grain and satellite and then i saw the flying spaghetti monster and i was all like omg, omg, getting all happy in my pants...

{haltiono=bad breath resulting from onions}

Chris said...

That reminds me of that saying about trying to catch a butterfly is difficult but if you're still it will land on you or something like that. that a spaghetti monster in the bottom right?