Friday, March 19, 2010

copyright infringement friday

My parents -who never went to movies- actually went and saw E.T. back when it first came out. Afterward, my dad said "I've buried better things than that." I was so disappointed in him.


Chef E said...

Oh Toon, once again you have me laughing in a bad way, but it is healthy to laugh I hear...poor ET

Indigo said...

Fits my thoughts on ET. Never did get the appeal of that movie. (Hugs)Indigo

Martha said...

I loved ET!
Have a great weekend Russ :-)

Debra said...

the entire picture is that I'm off to the side, teasing and taunting him with Reese Pieces. cuz i'm mean that way. grins, debra

Anonymous said...

A friend & I got stoned and went to ET. When everyone started crying, we'd crack the hell up. I was 25.

Years later, I saw it with my own little kid...and, yes, I got all teary. This morning, I heard someone reciting an Emily Dickinson poem and I had to wipe my eyes. This getting old (and a freaking heart) can really suck.

PS My verification word is "renshine" Huh?

sim warford said...

Mama wasn't too impressed, either--several years later, when it'd come out on VHS. Aunt Lori and I went to see it at the theater in H'ville--she loved it!